In the Garden #Music

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“In the Garden” is a much loved hymn, as I know from personal experience. It seems like one of those songs, hymns and Christmas carols in particular, that I was born knowing. I must have been so young when I first heard it, that the song is woven into the fiber of my childhood memory.

Although it’s a mystery when I learned the words, I vividly remember learning to play “In the Garden” on piano. It was a request from my uncle, Al, near the end of his battle with cancer. I not only learned the hymn, but recorded a cassette tape of myself playing it, along with other hymns. On our last trip to Connecticut from Pennsylvania, I was able to sing and play the song for uncle Al. It was a precious gift to him and is still a precious memory to me.

I hope you enjoy my zither arrangement of “In the Garden.” It was written by American songwriter C. Austin Miles in 1912 and is still very popular today.

3 thoughts on “In the Garden #Music

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  2. This is just so beautiful – I love this song. I can hear my mother singing it in our little Methodist Church where I grew up. Timeless and peaceful and you pay so beautifully. Thanks for sharing this beauty with the world, as you do.


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