Divine Sunrise #Writephoto #Song

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1. The sunrise brings another day,
But mists of mind, they veil my way.
I look within and meditate
Upon the Great Eternal Flame.

2. The rising sun is in my mind,
And all the mists, I leave behind.
I seek within, that’s where I find
The rising sun, my Light Divine.

3. You rise the sun with each new day,
And all the mists You clear away.
And when I meditate and pray,
I know the Light is mine to stay.

O when I meditate and pray,
I know my Great Eternal Flame.

My response to Sue Vincent’s
#Writephoto Prompt, Veiled.

I composed this music on my lyre named Sunny šŸ™‚ after reading the prompt word, veiled, and Sue’s photo description. But the lyrics were spontaneous, and I transcribed them from the recording. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, to write a song in the moment. It is improvisation in a way, but different, because I wanted the lyrics to rhyme. Please let me know what you think of the piece and the process!

Thank you to each and every one who takes the time to listen and comment! I truly appreciate it and hope you are calmed and uplifted!

4 thoughts on “Divine Sunrise #Writephoto #Song

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