Earth Day Gift #Music #Poem

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Please read on for today’s poem. But first, here is a free download of my original album, Mother Nature Sings.

Click the link below to download and save the zip file, containing 13 mp3’s.
Mother Nature Sings

Album Description

Celebrating Nature and Goddess as the divine feminine. Not just for women, but women especially enjoy these.

This is an acoustic solo album with ukulele, voice, and some nature sounds. “Wishing Well” also has recorder. 🙂 Musical styles include meditative/New Age, folk, Hawaiian, bluegrass, jazz, spoken-word poetry, and more.

Track listing

1. Instrument of Peace
2. Wishing Well
with recorder
3. Live like a Leaf
4. Song of the Sea
5. Cricket
with natural cricket chirp
6. Woman
7. Really Been Loved
8. Phoenix Rising
9. Thank You, Mother Earth
10. Peace, Be Still
with natural ocean tide
11. Wings of Autumn
12. One in You
13. Singing Sweet

I hope you enjoy this album! If you do, please share this post.

Now for today’s poem.

Our Giving Earth

Our Earth keeps giving us so much,
Not least water that is a must,
The food we eat so we may live,
The air, its breath a precious gift.

The birds who sing in trees and sky,
The breezes through the trees that sigh,
Each lovely flow’r to see and smell,
A gift that wishes only well.

The Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring
Come bringing changes pondering.
We take for granted time and place,
But Earth deserves our thanks and praise.

Creator in us and above
Has made for us our Earth to love.
So may we shine the Light of Heav’n
On all our bless’d Earth has given!

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