Our Wedding Songs #Music

Eternal Love

Wedding Prayer

My husband (I call him Freddy but you may call him Frederick 🙂 ) and I got married a year ago today. There’s so much I could say about what lead up to it, what happened when we moved, preparing for the wedding with no sight and no outside help, and what it’s been like since then! But it’s just after breakfast, so I’ll leave you with this.

We walked down the aisle together, to a flute and piano playing “Over the Rainbow.” Here is a different version, equally beautiful, played on a double strung harp.

During our wedding ceremony, I played two original songs. I’ve posted them here before, but “Wedding Prayer” was missing a verse. In the audio player above, you’ll here the live recordings from our wedding ceremony.

Please enjoy! And whatever your relationship status, my wish for you is that you are happy and fulfilled!

2 thoughts on “Our Wedding Songs #Music

  1. It’s totally amazing that you were able to sing those songs during your wedding. I wanted to sing one song during mine over ten years ago but didn’t think I could pull it off without losing it. Congratulations and happy anniversary.


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