Love Ballad #Music

I wrote this song in about 2002, on a small harp. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, so it was more of a wish or a prayer, than something I had. I share it now, nearly 18 years later, with the encouragement that dreams do come true!

Sunny, my Lynda Lyre, has the same range as my first harp did, so this is the original accompaniment for the song.

Love Ballad – Lyrics

1. Let me lay my head upon your shoulder;
Let me tell you all the things I feel.
I won’t hesitate to say, “I love you,”
For the bond between us two is real.

2. Let me place a kiss upon your sweet lips;
Let me hold you in my loving arms.
You know that, no matter what, I’ll love you.
Never do I want to cause you harm.

3. Let me be the one, your one and only;
Let me be the one to whom you turn.
You can tell me anything you want to;
You can come to me when you are worn.

Repeat 1.

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