An Angel and a Sailor: A True Love Story

An Angel and a Sailor: A True Love Story

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Two ships lost in the night,
Two Doves flittering in flight.

Love is their destiny, to be intertwined,
For you see, they both are blind.

They gain strength from each other and most certainly from above,
Two kindred souls so deeply in love.

With the Power from the Almighty as their main Source,
no matter what life’s ups and downs,
They must keep a steady course.

With a positive attitude and tons of gratitude
To the Lord and Savior because it could have been much worse.

Some might think that their life sometimes gets rough,
But that’s one of life’s lessons that keeps them tough.

They have each other’s shoulders to lean on when things get tight,
And the Light from the Lord will always be their sight.

God bless always!
–The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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