Shapes of Practice

Circles, squares,
Poems, Prayers!
Weaving, writing,
Creating, inviting!

Lessons, reading,
Learning, eating!
Feeding body, mind and soul
With the work I love to hold,

Only then to give away
The things that fill each joyous day
To someone needing comfort, care–
In weaving, writing,
Circles, squares!

I always enjoy Walt’s prompts over at
and this one is no exception. We’re asked to write of either drought or deluge. I’ve experienced both on many levels, and each takes a different art of balancing! This current deluge is a positive one. ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “Shapes of Practice

  1. There are times when our creativity seems inexorable, as contrasted to the virtual drought of blocks to it; such is the state of being an artist among chaos.


    • Would also appreciate it if you can visit and return comments from other poets. Our community thrives on reciprocal visits and encouragement from each other. Thanks for your participation.


  2. Deluge of Holy and Sacred
    in Art and Creativity oF LiFe..
    eat.. drink.. and bE merry
    yeS i do thiS too..
    ah.. one
    step further,,
    doing the sAme
    WitH dArk aS
    weLL aS liGht..
    and ‘tween of hues
    of grey and sHades
    of bLack and white…
    bRinG soLace.. bRinG
    JoY.. BRinG BliSS.. iNside..
    ouTsiDe.. aBovE.. so beLow
    and aLL Around.. liFE LonG
    scHooL of Happiness means
    incReAsing aLL as wHoly
    and saCred to mE..
    anYThing.. less
    is less
    than i can bE
    noW is reAL..
    i take fuLL
    as aLL beCoMes..
    ArT and creAtiOn acTivity
    WitH zero exclusions in anything
    but heaven now.. oh,, the human BeinG..
    ah.. the poTenTiaL when finALLy realiZed..
    anD aLLwayS
    gRoWinG OceaN
    wHole moRe
    ReaL noW..:)


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