Give Thanks Within

A mystical Thanksgiving (thanks-giving) song, reminding us that no matter whom, or for what, we give thanks, ultimately we give thanks to the God-Presence within ourselves – and all things.

Other Insights

Thankfulness in Mystical Reality by Dr. Paul Leon Masters
Founder of International Metaphysical Ministry (my ordination organization)

And so, Jesus gives thanks. He gives thanks for basic, simple, and sometimes apparently inadequate resources, not out of fear and insecurity, but out of knowing who He is, having confidence in relationship with the Father. He does not give thanks with the attitude of, “Well, I’d better be grateful for the little bit I have here or God might take even that away.” He does not give thanks in the sense of, “I’ll make myself give thanks because that’s what we’re supposed to do regardless of the circumstances.” He does not even give thanks as some kind of magical formula that will manipulate the situation into a better outcome, saying, “If I give thanks for this small piece of bread the right way, then something miraculous will have to happen and I can get out of this mess.”

No, Jesus gives thanks from an essential understanding of who He is, and because He wants others to know Him, too. In turn, we can give thanks because we know who He is and who we are in relationship with Him.
–Dr. April Westbrook

The full article, while written from the perspective of Jesus the person being the life-giver, is still applicable to the Christ Mind that one experiences in mystical awareness.

May we give thanks as Christ did, knowing who we are in relationship with the Father!

Give Thanks Within – Lyrics

The refrain is
another Triolet;
the verses are

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

Give thanks within, and outward call;
The Presence of the Lord is here.
So greet the Only in the All.
Give thanks within, and outward call.
Through every earthly rise and fall,
In thought and word and deed, be clear.
Give thanks within, and outward call;
The Presence of the Lord is here.

1. Give thanks to those you love and know,
Who let the gentle Spirit flow.
For God is in each precious face,
Imparting to you peace and grace.

2. Give thanks for all upon the earth
That meets the needs you’ve have from birth.
For every demand supplied
Is made and formed by God inside.

3. Give thanks in any circumstance,
As God is leading in the dance.
For orchestrated in His Mind,
Each step is in eternal time.


Thank God