Faith of Christ – Advent Week 1

Advent, the preparation time before the spiritual celebration of Christmas, is about getting ready for the Christ Child. In the Old and New Testament, as well as The Aquarian Gospel, Christ’s coming was foretold. Those who were aware knew He was coming. It wasn’t a total shock; not everyone heard the news with disbelief.

Similarly, anyone with mystical awareness throughout the ages, knows that Christ is coming. However, like the Spirit, It can be celebrated and experienced any time, in any moment, not just in the Advent/Christmas Season! Mystically, Christ Mind, Consciousness, or Awareness is re-born within us whenever, wherever, and however we surrender our earthly ego identity enough to “notice”!

So, my Advent songs focus on the birth of Christ Mind within each of us and can be used at any time of year to bring ourselves to a higher state of Mind. Jesus was a Christ, not the only Christ – not the only blessed, anointed mind!

Faith of Christ – Lyrics

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. When you need a healing
And have no idea how you’re gonna get it,
Let the Christ anoint your mind
By giving God the glory and the credit.
And your thoughts won’t understand
The story that you tell.
But by the One that looks beyond,
Your faith has made you well.

2. When you think you need a change
Of people, things or places where you’re livin’,
Lift your mind to seek and find
The Heaven in the Spirit you’ve been given.
And your thoughts won’t understand
That good already is.
But there’s a spark of Light inside
To help you see the bliss.

3. When your expectations need to
Step on back and take a breath of air,
Look up! because in every tiny detail,
God is working there.
And your thoughts won’t understand
The words I say to you.
But listen with your Spirit,
And you’ll realize the truth.
Refrain: (Twice)

Because through Christ in you,
Good Will is always done.
In God you live and move;
Forever you are One.


Advent: Purity Consciousness

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