The Spirit of Truth

The Spirit of Truth lives within me, as a Light that will not be put out. I can cover it with blankets, tar, bushels, but nothing, nothing will truly turn out the Light!

That is the miracle, the Good News, the Glad Tidings! That no matter what I allow myself to get wrapped up in, Spirit awaits me, just inside! Where all is quiet, where all is known, where Love conquers all, Spirit waits.

All I need to do is knock. But so often I waste my time standing at the door, wondering if Spirit will really answer! I don’t believe it, so I don’t knock. But this is futility at its finest!

Spirit, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, always answers! I wonder what the answer will be, still standing on the doorstep, stamping my feet with cold, my heart full of dread. Because what if it’s not what I want? What if the answer is not what I think it should be?

I know deep down that it’s still the answer, and that whatever I think I want, is only from my limited perspective. But limitation, can only see limitation! So again I am in awe of the miracle, the Grace, the Love that somehow, some way, I can return to Spirit!

Even when my mind is in distress, even when fear dictates my words and actions, even when I see no way out, there is a part of me that knows!

There is a part of me that cares, loves, waits for me to ask, seek, knock, so it can throw open the gates of Consciousness to my weary mind!

And lead it back, restored, renewed, in tune with the voice of the Spirit of Truth that is sure and eternal.

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