Deliverance came all wrapped up
Nice and neat
With a big red bow on top.

Love came all warm and cozy
Clear and bright
Like a blanket and a prism all at once.

Peace came like a tidal wave
Knocking over all strife and struggle
Replacing it with calm ripples.

If you believe this
You’re more delusional
Than even the clinically insane!

It doesn’t work like that
But how we wish it did!
The Knight in shining armor, the Prince, the POOF! And all is well!

No, but there is a way
A way of peace
A way of Light.

The way of Life
Is going deliberately, persistently, consciously
Through it all.

The path of Light
Is the journey through darkness
To our own center, which is Life’s core.

The Truth of Life
Is Choice
Awareness, of, and radiating from the Spirit within.

Choose from that Spirit
Not from the intellect, the fear, the reasoning
Let that Spirit guide these “children.”

And be your Self, a blessing, blessed
Be your Truth, a Light, enlightened
Be your fulfillment, a Love, beloved!

Be it right here, right now
For now is the hour of deliverance
And You are your Deliverer!

Not by your own power and might,
But by God who lives and reigns within you

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