Sheep – Spiritual Poem

The world sees sheep
As conformists
Flocks of dependents
Stupid, ignorant, unable to think for themselves.

Sheep need permission to breathe
Guidance every step of the way
Shelter from the world
Ingrained fear, “Don’t do that, or else…”

Sheep are followers
Of everyone else
And this is bad.

You don’t want to be a sheep!

The Spirit sees sheep
As unique
Flocks of a web, One Spirit
Intelligent, creative, making Right Thought reality.

Sheep have permission to breathe abundantly
True guidance lighting their path
Shelter from what would drag them down
Choice, “Do that if you will, and pay the consequences.”

Sheep are followers
Of a larger, brighter, knowing shepherd
And this is beautiful.

Do you want to be a sheep?


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