10 Ways to Turn Mistakes into Blessings

Mistakes are wrong, failures, sins, error, useless… Right? Not if we do even one of these 10 things, and this is not a complete list! Do just one of these today, and turn what you thought was a mistake into a blessing.

1. Learn from it. What did it teach you?

2. Use it to connect with someone else. “I’ve been there too,” and compassionately lead them onward and upward.

3. See it as a step. Where are you off to next?

4. Find the gift. What do you realize you have now, that you didn’t see before?

5. Expand your awareness. Narrow-mindedness creates judgements, of both ourselves and other people. How can you be more aware from now on?

6. See the good. Even in the midst of that mistake, there was something good. What was it?

7. Allow more. Consciously or subconsciously, we let mistakes into our lives, along with the belief that they are mistakes. What will you allow today? Something better?

8. Make a pact. Often, mistakes come from the need to fix things, or reach outside ourselves for what we need. Connect with the God-Presence within you, and ask it, “What do I need?”

9. Keep your own council. I’ve written on this before. Let that God-Presence, the part of you that already, always knows what you need, answer the question for itself. It will be the right answer, better than anything you could come up with on your own.

10. Let it go! A good way to make more mistakes is to harp on those we’ve already made! So let them go, give them to the God-within. The pain, sting of failure, embarrassment and loss will stop controlling your outlook. In turn you’ll be able to see and know, that the Universe intends good for you.

Mistakes are only one way we can find our good! They are not the only way, and they are not always negative to a fault. Turn one around for yourself today, and create a blessing!

Bless’d be!

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