Play Without Learning, Live Without Trying

In our fast-paced, fast food, quick fix society, we want things handed to us, all done, already complete, no assembly required. And some people mistakenly believe law of attraction and metaphysics promote just that. Sorry, but this is simply not true.

Starting in the 1800’s if not earlier, people wanted to experience the beauty and fun of playing music, but didn’t want to put in the time, concentration, learning and effort required to truly make music their own. The markets responded by offering player pianos. TO this day player pianos are still available, and electronic keyboards offer song banks and visual systems, touch here and learn this song in 7 easy steps!

I don’t believe this is a real, expansive way to learn anything. In fact I would call it cheating, but you didn’t ask me that, did you?

So what does this have to do with metaphysics, or spirituality in general? A lot, actually. Some so-called teachers are promoting law of attraction, New Thought, and versions of metaphysics like this. The Universe is your catalog. Ask! And whatever you ask for is given. Visualize it long enough, and you’ll get what you want. Live as if you already have what you say you want, and you’ll get it.

The confusion comes because, though these premises contain truth, they are not the whole Truth. And though a player piano or electronic keyboard can reproduce songs, that’s all it can do. It does not think, learn, feel, or experience anything. Therefore, it does not grow, change, or evolve.

The purpose of life, is evolution, change, transformation. And for this purpose to be fulfilled, we must be nurtured, watered if you will, fed, supported, so that we can grow. Which is the purpose of life!

Do you see what I’m getting at here? We can hear something and call it music, because it sounds nice and we like it. But does that mean we understand how music works? Does that mean we feel and appreciate it? Does that mean we’ve learned anything from it? If we are not better in some way, after listening to or playing music, it hasn’t fulfilled its purpose–to grow, expand and change.

If we take the so-called Secret, law of attraction, or anything in New Thought, spirituality, or any religion, but are not expanded by it, then life’s purpose is not served. Why is this? Because we’re only looking at the surface. We’re looking at a physical thing, be it someone’s book or listening to a “good song,” and believing that will give us the quick fix we want.

Nope, sorry. There are no quick fixes. Music, dare I say it, takes work. Now, that work does not have to be drudgery, but it is a process. I’ve taken some very intense music courses, and I didn’t always breeze through them. They stretched me, asked me to shift my awareness to deeper, more subtle things.

And get this: Because I persisted I’ve been rewarded. I’m not the same person I was before these courses. You play me a piece of music, and I can tell you at least some of its notes and chords. I can to some extent, sing and/or play it back. And most of all, I appreciate the feeling, the spirit that created the music. I am transformed.

This expanding-process is not always fun. But, if we keep in mind the reason we’re here, to transform our souls, to reconnect with the Divine Spirit within us and to express more of that in our world, we can always come through the rough patches. And we are better for it!

The same goes for studies of any philosophy. Law of attraction works. It does not work, “If you follow these simple steps.” It does not work, “If you think you already have what you want.” No. It works, if and only if, you create for yourself a spiritual foundation and expand from there.

So again, the parallel between music and spirituality. You can learn music because someone wants you to. You can do it because you want to. But you will only grow, musically and otherwise, if you have a deeper connection to the music within you, its spirit, its purpose–yes, its life.

When we learn or do something only for results, it is less than. But when we learn to expand ourselves and our Divine connection, it is true learning that will last, and expand, our lifetime.

Expand your physical experiences. Seek out intellectual opportunities. Learn new things. And be sure that as you do, they offer some soul transformation at their core. Because the soul is here to evolve. The mind and body are just its tools.

We must expand on all levels, not just one or two. And we must, with Divine guidance, go through the growth process, even if it’s hard, painful, frustrating and at times, appears to fail.

We are here to experience life. And life is transformation.

May it be so for you, for me and for all those souls open to life itself!

And so it is!

2 thoughts on “Play Without Learning, Live Without Trying

  1. Nice write up here. It was very deep and fit right into what I am doing right now. I have to take a step back a re-assess things and figure out where I am going wrong. What changes I have to make in the direction I am heading and why I am finding it so difficult to see any advancement.
    thank you for opening my eyes a bit wider.


    • Hi Bill, thanks for taking the time to read and comment! Many times I think it’s our perceptions that frustrate us. We expect more immediate results, so we’re disappointed if they don’t come within the time limit we’ve set. But if we can recognize our progress, and enjoy the learning process itself, we don’t have to wait, i.e “When I get this result, I’ll be happy.” It can be hard to truly enjoy learning, but I believe that’s the key. All the best to you, and thanks again for your feedback!


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