Happy In-Dependence

Today in the United States, most of us are celebrating our independence–from England, from others, from everything we don’t need.

In short, it often seems more like, “Ha ha, I don’t need you, I don’t want you, and there’s nothing you can do for me… Unless of course, I want to exploit you, in which case I’ll be happy to. But remember, I’m independent!”

I’ll say no more on that; I can already feel some cringing going on, and that’s not where I’m going with this.

Independence is something we can all have! But independence from what? A common way to start a Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer, or metaphysical treatment) is this: “I recognize that there is but one Life in this universe. That Life is God’s Life, and that Life is my Life now.” Does that sound like self-serving, egotistical independence to you?

No! The independence we seek and truly celebrate, is in-dependence of God. We depend on God, and are independent of the personal ego. In our dependence we open to true freedom, ultimate reality, and the source of all things. When we depend on the ego and celebrate our independence from what we don’t like, we have not evolved at all. We’re still in victim consciousness, like a small child who says, “I don’t need your help! I can do it myself!”

However, when we celebrate our in-dependence with God, we know ultimate Truth:

“Why call ye me good? I of myself do nothing. It is the Father within me that doeth these works” –Christ

In this dependence, we release attachment to our personal, outer identity for something better: The inner knowing, and then the outward manifestation of our at-one-ment with God-Presence.

It starts within us, always. Independence is possible! But independence from what? From all that no longer serves our Highest and Greatest Good, from negativity, from reacting to conditions rather than responding from Love.

We can still celebrate a country’s independence, or personal milestones, and do so gladly! But at the heart of our independence is the recognition that God is our Source and the true doer of all things through us.

May this be a happy In-dependence Day, for each and every precious being God has created in His image!

And as we let it be so, so it is!

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