Something *closer* this way comes!

Not just a paraphrase from Shakespeare, but something I think we all need to hear now and then. 🙂

You know that feeling, when you’re *this* close to something, but it’s not here yet, or you don’t have it, can’t touch it, and yet you feel like you can taste it?

It’s a lot like that feeling of discontent I talked about before. Again I use the analogy of the pearl. It’s bugging you! You’re saying, “Get it out! Make it go away!” And at the same time, “All right already! Let me see it!” You want the thing in your hands, in your life, right now thankyouverymuch. Can you tell I know the feeling? 😮

So what do you do? I mean, what do you do, if you’re tired of it bugging you and you want something else? You do want to feel better rather than worse, right? Because if you’re happy feeling bad, stop reading now because we’re not on the same page.

What to do, to feel better and flow with the river already bringing your demonstration to you? How to work with it rather than against it? That is the question… Or 2 questions.

And I say, visualize your goal already done. Of course, you’ve already done that at some point, or you wouldn’t have gotten this far! But this is a journey, and journeys have steps. And now, it’s more important than ever to see the thing completed.

Why? Because the alternative, which you may be feeling now, is frustration, impatience, being all fed up with the blasted goal, and what possessed me to want this in the first place? That’s also the reason some people say, or people unfortunately say about others, they never finish anything. That can’t possibly be true! But we say it, and worse, we believe it. When really, all that’s happening is that we lost focus of the thing already done.

Which do you want? You want to see the goal accomplished. You know you do. So that’s where you need to shift. Do what you did when it was just a dream, because it’s still just a dream, and when it’s done and you can see it, guess what! It will still be just a dream!

So be happy about it now. Imagine it done. See it. Feel it. Smell it if it has a smell–which it does, even if you can’t conjure it up. Imagine what you do now, with this accomplished. Now live your life that way, today.

Yes, I’m saying, visualize the goal. But it’s much more than that. Live like you have it. But there’s still more. Know in your heart, in your gut, that it’s yours. Because the Spirit that gave you the desire is the same Spirit that makes it tangible in your life. For you and for itself.

“Whatever you do for the least of these, you do also for me.” ~Jesus Christ

This means, whatever good you do in seeing the Truth of any situation or any goal accomplished, you’re doing it for Christ, for that Spirit within you that wants only to manifest itself more and more! And you, co-creator that you are, are the vehicle that brings forth your unique life.

So do it for you and do it for God/Spirit. Live your life, now! Don’t wait for a better time, “because everything will be great when I have ____.” Why can’t life be great now? It can, and it is, if you allow it to be.

What is your reality? The frustration and lack that comes from the personal ego? Or the Truth and abundance of the Christ-Mind? St. Paul said, “Let the mind be in you that was in Christ.” The key word is “let”. Let it be so, this day, for this goal, and any day, for everything. And so it is!

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