Random Acts of Kindness – You can Help!

The week of May 5-12, 2013 is Unity of Reading’s second annual Purposeful Acts of Kindness Week.

Each day at least one kind act will be done on behalf of our Unity center as a whole. In addition, and more importantly for each individual, we encourage everyone to take this into their own hearts and hands! What can you do to spread simple kindness in your community?

This post by William Kelly really sums up these random acts nicely. It doesn’t have to cost you money, or much time. The only requirement as it were, is that the act is heart-felt. I would add spontaneous – it’s fine to have a list of things you’d like to do, but many times what truly will help someone feel blessed is not something you pre-plan!

During your daily meditation period (You do have one, right? 🙂 ) ask for openness. Ask for guidance toward the special, unique kindness that God/Spirit wants to express through you.

You could easily make a list of kind things, without meditation. But the answers you get in meditation will be so in line with your soul, happiness and purpose for being right here, right now… that they will make your heart soar! And how much more will people appreciate them, and pass on the kindness, when it is given from your heart and spirit?

Unity has a list of things it wants to share. Putting quarters in parking meters. Giving out soup. Creating a kind of survival kit as a reminder of who we truly are as spiritual beings. And other things.

You can tell I’m not too excited about any of these! The one that got me feeling all fuzzy inside is the letter-writing. People so often feel under-appreciated, or not appreciated at all. I’ve felt that way myself at times, and it’s just about as bad as it gets. So, I’m helping to write letters to companies and individuals who contribute to Unity in some way. My favorite is the piano tuner – I marvel every Sunday when I play how wonderful our piano sounds, and it’s over 100 years old!

Think about it. How many services do you receive? If you’re going, “Uh, what services?” start with the bills you pay. Obviously you’re paying for something, whether you think it’s worth it or not… 😀

How impressed would you be, say, as an employee of your electric company, if you were the one to open a letter of appreciation? How profound would that be to you, and to the company? And what would you do? You’d go home and tell everyone! You’d give your partner or kids an extra hug! Heck, you might even let someone cut you off in traffic!

So, if letter-writing, or phone-calling is your thing, you have a starting place. Now take this ball and run with it! Make it your ball, your pet, your heart-felt expression. Because there is something you can do! In fact, there is something that ONLY you can do! Someone may not feel blessed by my brand of letter. But maybe yours is just what they need!

All you gotta do, is do what you gotta do!

P.S. Remember the children! They’re often much better at this than we grown-ups! Even the really little ones… Ask them what they would do to be kind? And let them do their own random acts among their community of family and friends.

Kids already know how to be kind… It’s time we truly encouraged their openness to possibility, love, peace and happiness!


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