Giving Christmas 3TC #Poem

A white fluffy blanket will cover us soon.
We’ll cringe at the cold as our chapped dry lips move.

We’ll run for the festive, no reason or rhyme,
‘Cause didn’t you know? It’s the hair-raising time!

We’ll step into debt and think inside each box,
Darting into an app for just one pair of socks!

There’s a pump in the basement in need of repair.
It’s been flagging and dragging since Christmas last year!

I would chortle if things weren’t so dyer and sad,
But this holiday season, for many, is bad.

Can’t we look out for others and not just our own?
We know someone or something in need of a home!

We can mine our resources to offer some help,
For the little we have is another’s great wealth!

There is no “Automatic” or button to press,
But for somebody, somewhere, it’s we who can bless!

When the pretty snowflakes fall upon you this year,
Ask yourself what you’ve done for another’s good cheer!

For no matter the gift and no matter how small,
It’s the giving that’s truly the best gift of all!

My response to this week’s
Take 7 at Pensitivity101.

Also part of my Holiday Blogging Party.
You’re invited! Please come along!

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