Waxing Rewards – Tale Weaver #302 #SixSentenceStories #Music

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I could wax poetic about the joys of playing a musical instrument! And indeed, there are many rewards. However, they don’t come at the beginning, when what you hear in your head sounds so much more beautiful than what you’re playing actually brings forth. The rewards wax like the moon, appearing with time, great patience, focused practice, and a healthy sense of humor! Meanwhile, you can still have fun and enjoy learning, as with this piece called “Carousel” that I wrote for viola and ukulele. If you want to learn a musical instrument, realize that it must be learned, that beginners aren’t supposed to sound like professionals–and play on!

Written for
MLMM Tale Weaver #302 – Beginnings
#SixSentenceStories – Wax

7 thoughts on “Waxing Rewards – Tale Weaver #302 #SixSentenceStories #Music

  1. A wonderful Six! And so very true. I love your encouraging message. It is without doubt the most difficult time – the time as “beginner”. Perseverance does pay off, but it can be a painful road, lol
    Thank you for sharing your musical composition 🙂

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  2. agree with all, the beginning is difficult but, for most who are drawn to music (or art or, even, writing), the passion that drew them offsets the roughness inevitable when a skill is still being learned (and practiced)!

    Good Six

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  3. Combining viola and ukulele is a challenge in itself and so I admired for composition skills. Learning any musical instrument can be so much hard work so I admire you for that. Thanks so much, Crystal, for sharing your musical prowess.

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