One Light #Poem

One Light is all we need and All we are.
Through Light we live, we spark, we shine like stars.

The All There Is, One Life, no you or I.
Truth breathes One Breath, no end to Life so high.

We think, “What if?” We ask; our mind says, “BUT!”
No change in laws of who and where and what.

Go in! Go in to seek, to see, to find
One Light, One Life, right here, right now, in Mind!

Do hope, do love, do live and be your best;
Light guides all back to One; in Whom we rest.

This is a “10×10” or “Vocabularicon” Poem, developed by Ronovan. I can’t say I’ve met the challenge and used great vocabulary in mine, but there it is. It’s not that easy… Try one if you dare!
Learn how to write one here.

Stand up! Write on! Be brave, my friends!

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