Fairest Lord Jesus #Music

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We don’t know who wrote “Fairest Lord Jesus,” also called “Beautiful Savior.” However, we do know it was a German hymn entitled “Schönster Herr Jesu.” The melody is a Silesian folk song often called “Crusaders’ Hymn,”, and its authorship is also unknown. The melody and German lyrics were first printed together in 1842. It is a beautiful, relaxing melody, and I hope you enjoy listening to it on recorder and lyre!

This arrangement can be played on a lap harp that goes down to G below Middle C, and up to the G that is 2 above Middle C. In Scientific pitch notation, this is G3-G5. In other words, you need 2 octaves, starting on G below Middle C. If you would like an audio tutorial to learn this tune, please
contact me.

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