Lullaby of the Ages DSE #10 #Music

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I wrote this song in June. You can listen to the lyre arrangement with lyrics

Today you’re hearing alto recorder, then lyre and zither played together. The melody is on zither, with accompaniment on lyre. Note the bell-like ringing in this arrangement, made possible by having two sets of strings.

This is the tenth and final piece in my
Double Strung Experiment Series.

The next time you hear mention of double strung something, it will be a harp! I’ve had fun and learned a lot while arranging and playing this series, but I will also be glad to sit in a chair and play! I’ve been sitting cross-legged on the floor to make room for holding the lyre and zither balanced precariously on my lap!

I hope you enjoy this piece, and as always, I appreciate any comments and feedback you want to share!

Thanks, and thank you for listening!

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