Epic Fail: A Twisted Tale #Poem

This is the tale of a real epic fail;
So you already know from the start.
But you get to decide, after reading inside,
What the failure was, and on whose part!

A woman divorced had good friends through its course;
She played music with gusto and skill.
When her birthday came round, o the pleasure she found
In the flute that her wishes fulfilled!

On the hard other hand was a more jealous man,
Her fiancé with masculine pride.
He was at his wits end, because one of her friends
Gave a gift that he couldn’t provide.

Well, his anger was great, and he clouded her day
With his questions and rantings and worse.
And it hurt her a lot, took the pleasure she’d got;
In her mind, then the flute was a curse.

So it came in the end, she lost touch with her friend,
For the man she loved didn’t approve.
Now she plays through her tears, for a friendship of years
That she sadly had sent down the tube.

Yes, she married the man with his ever high hand,
And she so needs the music for peace.
But down deep in her heart, she is pained by her part
In a tale that’s more bitter than sweet!

Written for Michael’s prompt
Tale Weaver #294: Epic fail.

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