Theocentric Psychology – One Year Later

Last September I changed the specialty for an additional doctorate through the
University of Sedona
from Relationship Dynamics to
Theocentric Psychology.

The curriculum is designed to encourage a lifestyle centered around Universal Mind, Spirit, or God, thus the word Theocentric. It does not seek to replace clinical or behavioral psychology, and graduates are not clinical psychologists. Theocentric Psychology simply, yet profoundly, adds the often overlooked spiritual dimension to the study of the human mind.

The late Dr. Paul Leon Masters wrote the Theocentric Psychology curriculum. As he often stated, “Common sense is Universal sense.” I.e. true spirituality, and the immutable laws of the Universe, are common sense. I’ve found this to be true throughout my studies of Metaphysics. This program has been an asset to my life and, I pray, to my work with others. As you probably know, I’m primarily a singer/songwriter, poet, and musician, and I do the best I can to offer inspiration and common sense, spiritual truth through my writing.

However, I still have a personal life, and sometimes that life and parts of it are difficult! That doesn’t go away when a person becomes spiritual; in fact, at times the difficulty increases, as you become aware of the huge contrast between what you possess, or what you want to have spiritually, and what is actually occurring in your outer life.

So, I thought I would share a list of some of the curriculum modules I’ve found most difficult, because for me they emphasized the contrasts in my life, and those I’ve found most resonant or interesting–the ones after which I said, “Amen!”

Modules of Contrast

* Dealing with the Lack of Personal Love in One’s Life

* Love Relationships – The Metaphysics of Ending or Renewing

* Sexuality as a Means to Enhancing Spirituality and Contacting God

* Real Love vs. Imagined Love

* Improving Communication in Love

* Healing a Love Relationship

* Spiritual Bonding with Another

* Sexuality and Spirituality

* Soul Mates

* Is It Love or Fantasy?

* Many Lives, Many Loves. Have You Loved Someone Before?

Do you notice a pattern here? Yes, I’m working on it!

Resonant Modules

* Combining Medical and Holistic Metapsychological or Metaphysical Treatment

* Following Through

* Freeing Oneself of Blockage to the Creative Flow

* Holistic Spiritual Healing or Practicing Spiritual Healing While You are Healthy

* How to Metaphysically Cope with Stress in Today’s World

* Personal Will vs. God’s Will

* Pseudo vs. True Spirituality – The “Stripping Away” Principle

* God as Your Guru

* Personal Ego vs. Universal Identity

* Mystical Prayer

* The Power of Commitment to God

* Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

* Keys to Immediate Happiness

* How a Mystic Succeeds

* Spiritual Keys to More Income

* The Kingdom of Heaven Mystically and Psychologically Understood

* Spiritually Healing Others

I’ve finally finished the 121 curriculum modules, and that was both an accomplishment and a relief! It’s not the time involved, though it certainly takes time to read the module once, read the associated exam questions, and go through the module again to write the answers to the open-book exam in your own words. As I said, it’s the mental and emotional realizations that can be difficult. In spite of all that, and/or because of it, I made the right decision in switching programs. And I was blessed that the International Metaphysical Ministry University System staff allowed me to switch programs, even though I originally paid tuition for Relationship Dynamics. I hadn’t submitted anything for that curriculum; so, it was a simple specialty transfer.

After a short break I will continue on, to finish the Theocentric Psychology program! There are video lectures to which I must write responses, as well as responses to shorter audio messages on Metaphysical/spiritual topics. And we can’t forget the 15,000-word dissertation! That will be a feat in and of itself!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming! Thanks for reading!

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