Darkness Flees #Writephoto #Music

Darkness Flees (Don’t Take No BS)

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Play or download this fun ukulele tune. If you’re human, it’s just for you! ❀

1. No, I am not a prophet,
And my life can be a mess.
But even I believe someday
I’ll feel and live success.

Let’s step into it;
We can do it!
The Light inside
Inspires us through it!
Take heart!
And don’t take no BS!

2. The darkness is an energy,
A state of consciousness.
When Light shines through the clouds,
It’s got to flee into the mist.

3. The darkness in our minds and souls
Destroys us with distress.
But dawn comes after nighttime,
And the clearing mind is blessed.

4. The Light is our true nature;
It’s our highest and our best.
So remember when the darkness falls,
It’s just a temporary test.
Refrain: (Twice)

Take heart!
And don’t take no BS!
Take heart!
And don’t take no BS!

My response to Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Darkness

One of the many joys of being a Metaphysician and a free agent, if you will, is being able to deliver your message so people can relate to it!

5 thoughts on “Darkness Flees #Writephoto #Music

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  2. I’ve learned early on not to take ‘no BS’ and learning to say ‘no’ is a good lesson too.
    We do not have to overextend ourselves. Continuing education though is an excellent light πŸ™‚

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