Summer Wings #Writephoto #Poem

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A wide Summer landscape
That stretches before,
A vista from hillsides
That promise still more.

You can’t see the promise
Through hovering haze,
But only your vision
Has narrowed the way.

For bright Summer sunshine
Can blaze through your mind
And point out the pathway
You’re trying to find.

The valley is broad,
And the hillside is great;
You realize the truth
Of your inner landscape.

Though it may be clouded
By dark mental fog,
The height and the depth
Of your Self is beyond.

There’s more to the mind
Than the mind can conceive,
A Universe giving
For you to receive.

Your journey is inward,
Eternal and vast;
By seeking it first,
What you need comes to pass.

Discover your Spirit,
Your Nature, your Right;
Ascend to the hillside,
And carry your Light.

Return to your vista
Of everyday things,
And share who you are
On your sweet Summer wings!

Written for Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Vista.

11 thoughts on “Summer Wings #Writephoto #Poem

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