Open Causeway #Writephoto #Song

Download Mp3, Open Causeway
Length: About 7 minutes

1. Calm is the sea.
Bright is the causeway.
Narrow it stretches
Over the view.
Open my eyes.
Clearly I see it,
Path of my purpose.
I’m walking through.

2. Tide rising high
Darkens the causeway.
Narrow it hovers
Over my fear.
Fog from the deep
Clouding my vision,
Making the bridge
From me disappear.

3. Here is the way,
Shining in sunlight.
I travel onward,
Guided and sure.
I realize
Only perception
Strays from the channel
That’s mine evermore.

Accompanied by Sunny, my lyre, this song is in the Dorian mode, which is grounding, and common in shanty songs. It’s about 7 minutes long, with musical interludes for meditation. I do hope you enjoy!

For Sue Vincent’s inspiring
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Causeway.

This is the first song I’ve written in 18 months! I’ve written a few instrumental pieces, meditations, and many poems; but I’ve missed the songwriting–lyrics, melody, accompaniment, singing… And even trying to remember the lyrics to make just one good recording all the way through! Thank you, Sue! 🙂

Song of the Sea

Original Ukulele Song
From the free album download
Mother Nature Sings

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