Our Winning Hand #RDP #Ragtag Daily Prompt

I lay down a card on the table,
My friendship that came from the heart.
You added in kind, and it made us
Much more than the sum of our parts.

You lay down a loyalty strengthened
By losses and wins you came through.
I gave you the same, and we flourished
As equals in trusting and truth.

You raised me a love full of sweetness
That never before had I known.
I prayed that my dealing could match you,
And since then our winnings have grown!

We pooled everything and we married;
Love, friendship and loyalty stand.
The sum of our hearts now is priceless,
Our cards laid by God’s loving hand.

Written in response to “sum,” today’s
Ragtag Daily Prompt.


Ace in the Hole

How you Play the Game

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