Crystal’s Theory of Relatives

Relatives are relatively harmless,
until you suppose something they don’t,
disagree with their agreements,
opine an opposing opinion,
or speculate that maybe
*someone* is relatively unstable.

But relatively speaking,
you can learn to relate to your relations
as long as you remember:
While they are your relatives,
you are still relatively free
to speculate on your own life,
presuppose what you will,
say yes to another proposition,
and generally assume the position of decision-maker –
not for them, but for yourself…

relatively speaking, that is!

My “theory” piece for
dVerse Poetics.

5 thoughts on “Crystal’s Theory of Relatives

  1. Sorry for the delay in reading. It’s been a crazy few days here for me.
    Great job! I enjoyed the word play.
    I’m fortunate that most of my relatives have the same world-view and believe that *someone* is more than relatively unstable. I know family gatherings can be fraught with all sorts of things though.


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