The Strongest Ties

Even the strongest ties
Can be cut,
Or simply untied

The heaviest shackles
Unlocked and released

The deepest despair
Is lifted,
Lightened and brightened

Not by force and fear,
But by faith and freedom;
Not by will and work,
But by wisdom and worth

By action following inspiration
And inspiration flowing from
Inner strength

The still, small voice is speaking
And you can’t hear it through the rattling shackles
Or feel it through the binding ties

But you can know it,
Follow it inward
Despite them

And one day as if by magic,
You are fresh and free,
Unshackled and unbound

As you have been
From the beginning:
But now you know!

Unprompted, this is day 10 of

Thank you to all those who have read, liked, followed, retweeted, and just plain been supportive of the commitment that so many poets have made this month!