Feed Your Body and Mind

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

Feed and nourish your body.
Sow good seed in your mind.
Water and nurture the Spirit
That gives your being life.
You’re a tree of plenty,
The only one of your kind.
So live a fruitful lifetime,
And feed your body and mind.

1. Give your body the food and sleep
And comfort that you really need.
The Spirit deep inside will show you what and when and how.
Let your body be itself,
Don’t push too hard and take its health,
‘Cause every single cell is precious! Start your living now!

2. Give your mind some quiet time
And thinking that will help it thrive.
The Spirit deep inside will show you who and why and where.
Let your mind imagine things,
The best that you could ever be,
And paint your brightest mental picture! Take a risk and dare!

3. Plant your roots within the Truth,
And let that Essence flow through you.
The Spirit deep inside will show you all you need to know.
Let each person on their path,
And stay on yours, remember that.
And let the love and light and laughter blossom as you go!

Live a fruitful lifetime,
And feed, feed your body and mind.


One Body, Individualized

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