Six Days

And on the 7th day God rested?
Does the Universe need a rest?
If I dared to have an opinion,
It is doubt.

I highly doubt
God needs a rest.
If God rests,
If the Universe rests,
Then vibration, creation, movement, evolution
On the dime so to speak.

And knock on wood –
The Universe is still going!

So, in my very humble opinion,
God did not rest after 6 days.

He looked at all the creations,
Contemplated them,
Truly saw them, every one!
And He said:
I am there
And there
And in that thing
And over there
And here too
And everywhere!
And it is good!

Contemplation –
Knowing something,
Knowing yourself in something,
And knowing you know,
Deep and gentle,
Still and quiet,
Just knowing…

And so God knew Himself
To be in each creation
And knew one creation
To be His own likeness,
So it could contemplate itself
And God within itself.

That last creation,
That contemplative, creative creation
Is His Child of Light –

Contemplate that!

Part of NaPoWriMo.


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