Cinderella Consciousness – What It Is and What to Do About It

Cinderella is a victim of fate. A slave to her stepmother and stepsisters, she works from dawn to dusk and sleeps , according to the fairy tales, in a place not fit for human habitation. But, in true fairy tale fashion, a Godmother and Prince rescue her, and she lives happily ever after.

We would like to think victim hood no longer exists for humanity. Yet it does. Whether as physical bondage similar to Cinderella’s, mental and emotional abuse, or one’s own limited thoughts and beliefs, there are still many victims in this world. And as long as this world exists as we know it, there will always be victims. The only way to rid the world of victims – and by extension, victors and rescuers – is to create a new world!

Is this another fairy tale? No, but it requires inner change. Contrary to popular belief, outward changes in circumstances, relationships, and environment are only part of the package, the part we can see and measure. The real change happens in the mind. It transforms attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and the subconscious mind. This is important, because the subconscious mind, according to its dominant state or pattern, makes at least 90% of decisions in our lives. So, even when we think we’re making a conscious decision, the subconscious is really pulling the strings. And it’s pulling old strings – it’s reliving old habits, beliefs, and patterns – and it’s doing so on our time!

If we’re going to be puppets, then we’d best serve a loving master! The subconscious mind, in its personal, limited, default state, is not that loving master. Instead, it maintains the status quo, keeps us in our (uncomfortable?) comfort zone, and makes sure we repeat old experiences, because at least it’s familiar with them and doesn’t have to stretch into the unknown.

Psychology continues to study the subconscious mind and offer tools to reframed it. These tools are helpful to many and serve a positive purpose in society. However, only a Higher Power creates lasting change. This Higher Power is not knowledge, but Love. It is Spirit, Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, or God. It is a loving Master and Creator.

So, the way to create a new world and leave Cinderella’s victim consciousness behind, is to seek, find, and co-create with this Higher Power within. And indeed, It is within each one of us. We could think there is no Creator, no Spirit, no God. But is that helpful? My experience has been that those are hopeless thoughts that give us nothing to live for. First, if you haven’t already done so, recognize the ultimate, eternal, forever existence of the Higher Power. Remember that it is not sub (lower) consciousness, but Cosmic, Universal Consciousness.

When we accept God’s existence, we can connect with that same Presence and Power. We do this through meditation, prayer, communing with nature or others, music, dance, by reading uplifting material, noticing the beauty around us… It is a new way of living for most of us, a state of quiet mindfulness, yet Higher expectation, seeking the kingdom within.

Meanwhile, we still have a subconscious mind. For this reason it’s essential to meditate or otherwise connect with God daily, perhaps many times throughout the day. Eventually the subconscious will quiet, as we continually turn it over to the God-Power working through us.

Change is gradual, even though some things seem to change in a snap. This inner work is very subtle. There probably won’t be a lightning bolt experience, but you could have one! That’s not the goal, however. The goal is true, lasting change, that radiates outward and becomes visible throughout all areas of life. More than that, the goal is to connect with our True Self, Higher Presence, God-within.

When we do, we’ll notice sooner or later, that we are no longer victims. People treat us better, and more than that, we treat ourselves better. We respect others by first acknowledging and respecting what is within us. And we recognize that same Presence in other people and things.

Outward change is necessary, but not by itself. We can change our furnishings all we want. If the foundation of our home is still cracking or weak, new furnishings won’t fix it. We must work on the foundation, the framework, of our lives. In this way we get a new identity, a spiritual relationship to ourselves and others, that changes lives from the inside, outward.

This is no fairy tale, but the good, purposeful life God intends for each of us.