Mass Consciousness, Elections, and World Events

Mass consciousness elects leaders who are like unto itself. That is, the collective vibration of society elects its leaders. And those leaders, in turn, support the collective vibration.

If that mass vibration is one of fear, as it is in western society, then fearful, negative events often take place. This does not mean that individuals and groups cannot have positive experiences. By the Grace of Universal Presence or God, the Light still shines through. It is up to our own awareness to notice, contact, and expand that Light.

Our world leaders, communities, friends, family members, and other people cannot do this for us. Becoming aware of Universal Presence – the Infinite within, beyond, and in spite of the finite – is something each soul must do individually. We can help others, and others can remind us, of the Greater Presence within us. This reminder may be conscious or unconscious, but ultimately, each soul is on a path and must take that path until it is aware of its divine existence.

Elections take the pulse, the vibrational frequency, of a country. If we want more positive, Spirit-guided leaders, we must become more positive and Spirit-guided ourselves. And we must, by example and encouragement, in peace and in love, demonstrate the Spirit to those we encounter. That does not only refer to people we know and have physical contact with on this earth plane, but to every soul that has ever lived a physical existence. Why? Because through Universal God Mind, we are all connected. By becoming aware of that Power within us, we throw off the personal ego identity of our homeland, nationality, race, sexual orientation, religion, personal lifestyle, and the myriad of other things that human egos fight about. When the finite falls away from our focus, we experience the Infinite, the Eternal within and around us – indeed, within and around all things, all people, and all circumstances.

One may understand this philosophically or intellectually. This is better than no understanding at all. However, only mystical awareness, brought about by the Spirit within, can dissolve the walls the personal ego erects, supposedly in our human defense. Ultimately, there is nothing to defend, for in everything is the Infinite. All manifestations – people, lands, events – will pass away when their purpose has been served. Only the Infinite is lasting; all else is temporary.

It is important, therefore, to cultivate and maintain a relationship with the Infinite. We can and must respond to outer circumstances. But the best result, the Highest Good, is obtained when the Infinite directs our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

It is not good spiritual practice to pray as a last resort. Prayer and meditation are central to our existence, not because the practices themselves speak to God or God speaks through them, but they are essential because they are ways to have a relationship with God-Presence. Society does not teach or value this relationship. Society is finite – it, too, will have an end – therefore, it can only teach what is temporary. The Infinite, in contrast, can teach all things. The purpose of prayer, meditation, and any spiritual practice, is to open ourselves to the Infinite which is already “present and accounted for.”

In this way, we can pause, reflect, and respond positively when difficulties arise in our lives and around the world. When we have an established relationship with Spirit, Universal Consciousness, or God, that Presence directs our course. If we wait until bad times hit to meditate or pray, all we feel is fear, a sense of pushing, rushing, or urgency, and anything but peace.

Begin your conscious, intentional relationship with the Infinite today, and maintain it each and every day. It may not seem like a sound political, business, or progressive decision. But without the Infinite, the finite cannot progress – or even exist – at all.

May the Light that is your essence be revealed to your heart, soul, and mind in ways that warm and expand all areas of your life!
–And so it is!