Soul Mates – A Mystical View

There’s no question that soul mates exist. We recognize them by the unexplainable, wordless connection we feel. It exists beyond thoughts, emotions, common interests, physical appearance, and circumstances. Yes, there are soul mates in this universe, perhaps many for each of us.

However, we may not have a personal love relationship with these soul mates. It’s false to only apply the idea of soul mate relationships to romance, marriage, or sexual attraction. Soul mates can be found on so many paths! To limit them to romantic partners is to lose God-given opportunities.

You could find a soul mate on a path of study, career, vocation or hobby, with a child, in friendship, even through a book or song – just to name a few possibilities. It could be someone you’ve met in person, or someone who shared something that struck a resonant chord within you. It could be someone from the past – there are no time or space limits on soul mates, because the Infinite knows no limits.

Soul mates are simply the Eternal, Universal, or God expressed as individuals we resonate with on a spiritual level. They are anywhere and everywhere, and in Ultimate Reality, they are already within us. It just takes “time” to become aware of their Presence, a gift of, and from, the Infinite itself.

May your soul mates be made known to you as you are ready to meet them spiritually!