Building and Building Up

Why does it always take longer to build something than to destroy it?

Why does it take so much more time to build up a relationship, a skill, a practice, a career, … than it does to tear one down?

Time is an illusion, and I’m preaching to the choir. If you’re reading this, you either already know that, or you’ve heard me say it before, or both! And it’s still true: Time is an illusion, and eternity is forever!

So, what’s that got to do with building, or building up anything?

Everything, actually!

In the Eternal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness is always aware of everything, all the time. Not so for the human mind that is temporarily in a state of unawareness. In the human mind, everything takes time. That is, days, months, decades – linear time as we know it is necessary for life and living.

In a way this is true, but it’s not the whole Truth. The mind and its personal ego, also an illusion by the way, fixates on an idea. It wants it “done yesterday,” but there are obstacles, barriers, or steps to take and things to learn or put into place first.

This is the Universe or God at work. We think we would be so happy if everything just fell into place naturally. But what we call “natural” is, you guessed it, another illusion! That is to say, Nature goes beyond thinking, feeling, and doing. Nature is Universal, and Universal Consciousness is God.

In building something, or building up to a result, God knows and has the full picture already. And not just the picture, but the thing accomplished! It’s already done, no question, no doubt in the Mind of God.

If this is true, then why do we experience time delays? (And don’t give me that illusion stuff again! I can’t take it anymore!)

Time delays are opportunities: Opportunities for the personal ego to get its act together, connect with Universal Mind, and move away so that we can realize what the Mind of God already knows.

The ego is always slow to respond. It has to be. It’s limited, un-knowing, and afraid. It thinks too much and spends more time trying to think itself into connection than truly tapping into the Universal Mind. But Universal Mind knows that and just keeps existing, beyond the personal ego.

And that is the good news. God Mind and all that It knows, is always available. The reason it doesn’t all come rushing into the human mind at once, is that honestly, we couldn’t handle that!

Have you ever seen an explosion, or implosion? It takes seconds! And it destroys everything… That’s just what would happen if God Mind rushed everything into the personal ego, like the breaking of a dam or the opening of flood gates. Our lives and identities as we know them, would be completely destroyed.

This is why it takes more time to build and build up, than to destroy. It’s a favor, a Grace, that God extends to us. And not just extends, but follows through. It’s not a linear progression:
Level 1: God
Level 2 (a little lower): Grace
Level 3 (lowest): Human realization

No, God exists within Itself, within the Grace, and within the human mind. If that doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will!

Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy. The Universe is at work, within every process, every setback, every lapse, every step forward and leap backward, God knows, and Eternity is at hand. The ego cannot understand this. In fact, it’s probably telling you “No!” right now. That’s ok. Only the Mind of God can realize Truth within and through each one of us.

But it is done in Eternity, and not human time and space boundaries. Through meditation we come to strip away the personal ego’s layers and limitations and move into the Universal, God Consciousness that is always available within us.

Through this realization, we can build and build up positive things in our lives, by the Power of God working through us.

May it be so for you,

And so it is!