Mental Attitude: In Limericks

Short forms, sometimes called micropoetry, can serve as reminders of right thinking and more than that, of the reality that we are spiritual beings first and foremost. And little poems are fun! 🙂

O the feeling of having no luck
And of being run down by a truck!
But there is a way thru
What to think and to do
Is decide that you’ll put on some pluck!

There’s a time and a place for the rules
And a purpose for those we call fools.
There’s a cage for the stressed
And a stage for the blessed.
Is it bars or the stars that you choose?

All the creatures are God’s, even mice,
And the people you don’t think are nice.
Speak and act with his grace
When you’re feeling distaste:
What you give, you get back at least twice!

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