Top 5 Benefits of Praying for Others

Society seems to become ever more individualized, independent, and self/ego-centered. The general population behaves as, “Every man for himself,” and, “What’s in it for me?”

Noticing this, it’s easy to feel discouraged. You may also be wondering why you should pray for others, and indeed, how you can possibly pray for others when your own situation seems so hopeless. Yet there is hope, and contrary to your personal opinion, your prayers will make that clear to you.

Still, why pray for others? Isn’t praying for ourselves enough? Yes, in a limited sense of “enough,” but where has that sense gotten you so far? It’s time to open the flood gates again, and this time to Truth.

Here’s what praying for others really does.

1. Shift your focus.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Snap out of it!” That’s what prayer does. It changes what you’re focusing, concentrating, and dwelling on in your mind. It takes the mental chatter from the broken record about your situation, to new territory. As a bonus, it also frees up your energy! You’ll be amazed how much thought time you have now, and you’ll spend it more wisely after the shift in concentration.

2. Feel compassion.

Negativity, worry, loneliness, fear, inadequacy… These are feelings you probably know well. In broadening your focus, you let yourself feel something else. Compassion. This doesn’t mean you get caught in someone else’s negative feedback loop and take on their situation and feelings. Instead, feeling compassion means recognizing an empty place and filling it with gentle, positive energy.

3. Experience detachment.

You are not in other people’s situations. We are all one in Spirit, and this is why prayer works. However, we all experience things differently. By praying for others, you can find out what it’s like to be presented with a situation, and to respond.

This is very important. A response is not a reaction. It comes from a higher part of you, an observer, the Spirit within you. It isn’t the usual knee-jerk reaction, “That’s terrible!” or trying to analyze how you can fix the situation.

You cannot use willpower or any personal asset you think you have, to accomplish this. Detachment is an inside job and will be done through you, lovingly and with the compassion of Spirit. Far from being uncaring, detachment is one of the best things you can offer anyone.

4. Lift up your head.

The Psalmist wrote, “I lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” The hills are a state of mind, a way of being, within. This higher consciousness is called Christ Mind, Higher Awareness, Buddha Mind, etc. It’s not the status quo of human consciousness and mental activity, but a spiritual renewal of the mind.

From here, you’re a vessel of positive energy, Light, and the Peace of God that radiates through you to others.

5. Be the butterfly!

Butterflies seem so tiny compared to people! Yet we think we make no positive difference? This is entirely false! Not only do we make a difference, but we cannot know how far it reaches. (See The Butterfly Effect and You!)

This effect begins in your own consciousness. If you haven’t yet realized the power of Universal (God) Mind, see above or nearly any other post here! You are a psychophysical unit – big words to say that what happens in your mind affects your body, and vice versa.

But we’re talking about others here, right? Yes, but as we are one Spirit, “your body” is the entire outer world! No matter whose you call it, your own prayers and positive mental activity affect your own and others’ health, finances, relationships, and circumstances.

We don’t change others’ situations, or take credit for them. However, by being an open channel of God Mind, we co-create a way for their consciousness to lift as well.

As humans, we do often emulate others. So, you never know when you might be an example for someone! Allow God Mind to guide you, and give it credit for every shift in focus that answers prayer.

And in case you’re still wondering what’s in it for you? Read that last part again… I’ll wait!

Got it?

What you do for others, you do for yourself. Cultivating higher awareness, compassion, and detachment serves you as much as anyone. That is God at work! So thank God we can experience His Miracle Mind!

Prayer Treatment

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The Mind of Shame

If we honor all things,
Do we feel shame?

If we have self-respect,
Are we humiliated?

If we offer glory,
Are we disgraced?

If we feel esteem,
Is there any indignity?

If we see God in all things,
Is there also degradation?

God is Love,
And Life itself!

The ego causes “less than”
And always chooses separation.


All rotten fruits of the ego!
It sows “less than”
And reaps… more “less than!”

But with God
Each man, each woman, each creation
Is a temple
Of honor,

Not for itself
Or the personal identity,
But for the Universal Life
That we are blessed to BE,
And to LIVE!

The choice is yours and mine:
Do we cultivate the mind of shame within us?
Or the Mind of God!

I am a Godsong

I recognize the Presence of God within me. Into this eternal Presence I direct these words.

I am a song. My voice is the melody. My words, the lyrics. My thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions come together to play chords. My heart beats the rhythm, keeping the time, the tempo, of my life.

Yet a song is more than the sum of its parts, and so am I. A song exists because of the Spirit of inspiration and creativity. A song is a form of self-expression, reflecting its creator. This is also true of me: I am a reflection of my Creator, God.

Limitations are illusions of the personal ego, just like a “bad” song. Every song, like every person, is perfect. God does not judge, only loves. For God is Love. And Love is Music.

In oneness with God, I love the song that I am. And as a co-creator with God, I compose my lifesong from Love. In turn, I love the song of my life.

God is Love; Love is Music, and I am a Godsong. For this realization I give thanks. I let it be so. And so it is!