God is at the Yard Sale

God is at the yard sale.

In the piles of junk, God waits. In the people so excited to find that special thing, those canning jars, fishing tackle, car parts, musical instruments, God stirs.

God breathes in those who know, “All right, it’s time. Time for this, that, this and that to go. It’s no use to me anymore. It’s junk but maybe someone else can use it.”

God is in the relief they feel when someone buys up their old stuff. God is in the coins and bills exchanged. God is in the joy of having money to save or spend, and having a clean basement, closet or garage.

God is in the people who go home ecstatic, the kids with their new old stuffed animals, The mothers with their purses and skirts, crock pots and someone else’s nana’s china. The bachelors with their motorcycle helmets and tool boxes. The fathers with their swing sets, slides, play houses, breathing a sigh of relief, “Thank God it’s in good condition!” Realizing they got a bargain and they’re grateful for it, even though they tell you only women are bargain hunters.

God is at the yard sale. Within the stereotypes, within the piles of junk, inside the bargain hunters, and right there guiding the people who decide what to sell. God is there. At the yard sale and beyond, before, and after.

So the next time you visit a yard sale, and you will, you know, remember: God is in the people passing on their things. God is in the things themselves, that like their former owners, are getting a clean slate today. And God is in you, yes, even at a yard sale.

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