Drama Song

A little humor and Celtic flavor for St. Patrick’s Day. đŸ™‚ Those who are already spiritually oriented will be nodding their heads. Others will be going, “Huh?” And having the seed planted.

Drama Song – Lyrics

Instrument: Walnut Concert Flea Ukulele

[and] I’m sorry I’ve taken the drama out of love.
If you want it back, go ask somebody else.

1. Not like lightning, but a gradual change,
I realized I’d gotten past games people play.
No more, “Well, if you loved me, you’d please me, my dear.”
I’m ready for Love unconditioned and clear.

2. If I do or I don’t, it won’t change what is.
It’s not indigestion or emotional fizz.
There’s no infatuation or flirting or nerves.
I’m coming to Love without stress and reserves.

3. So if you’ve got it bad, then keep movin’ on.
There’s someone else out there for you to cling on.
As for me, myself, it’s the Spirit of Truth
That quickens the Love I dismissed in my youth.
Refrain: (Twice)

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