3 Lucky Limericks

Whether this particular form of poetry is Irish or not, here are 3 that bring the often uncouth, naughty Limerick to another level. And why not? The rhythm and rhyme are irresistible, so we may as well use them for good!

There was a young girl named Mercedes
Who lived on the river Euphrates.
When she started to think
She created a stink,
And the clay of her mind became Hades!

There was once a young lady so “nice”
That she took everybody’s advice
Till the effort to please
Brought her soul to its knees
And she chose all its flavor and spice!

You are where you are and that’s that.
And wherever you go that’s a fact.
You are here by design
In this place at this time
So don’t wait! Just be great where you’re at!

One thought on “3 Lucky Limericks

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