I wrote this song in early 2011, while exploring Goddess-centered spirituality. I share it here in honor of International Women’s Day – but more than this, honoring all people and our Great Creator! It’s time we see our gender as a blessing and not a difference, curse, crutch, or hindrance! This applies to our personal gender and everyone else’s. May we truly know, and thus experience, that we are indeed all One, regardless of physical form!

Woman – Lyrics

Instrument: soprano Flea ukulele

Note: This was recorded outside, so I apologize for the background noise. And this is not my usual ukulele tuning – this is reentrant/high G, and I usually play linear/low G. šŸ™‚

1. Woman so soft
Woman so sweet
Woman so gentle
Woman so strong
Woman of love
Woman of peace
Woman complete
Sing your beautiful song!

2. Woman of earth
Woman of air
Woman of water
Woman of fire
Woman of birth
Woman of life
Woman of laughter
Now express your desire!

3. Woman in body
Woman in mind
Woman in spirit
Open your eyes!
Know who you are
Claim who you’ve been
For you will be
All that you can let in!

Repeat 1.

Sing your beautiful song! (3x total)

Download Album Version

The album version is new and improved! Check it out on
Mother Nature Sings.

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