Self-sufficiency + Independence = Impossible

In the U.s. today, many communities have Earth Day celebrations. They focus on living in harmony with nature, cooperation, environmental responsibility, and the general idea that we are one with this planet. Which means, whether we like it or not, we’re also one with all the others, including people!, who live here too!

So I ask you: If this is true, how can we also push for self-sufficiency and independence?

Answer? We can’t! There is no such thing as self-sufficiency as we understand it. And there is no such thing as independence.

Even if you are self-sufficient, growing your own food, raising your own animals, spinning yarn, dying it, and weaving it into cloth… Even if you live in an intentional community, even if you’re a monk in a spiritual community. You are not self-sufficient.

No matter how much you appear to do for yourself, something else is always living out its purpose. And that helps you live out your own.

Spiritual communities like convents, monasteries, and ashrams exist because there are also “other worlds”. That is, some people realize that what exists doesn’t serve them, so they create other structures and communities. However, if they hadn’t experienced the contrast of the secular world, their outward, spiritually-oriented society would not exist. It wouldn’t need to. Without contrast, the desire for such a world wouldn’t have been born.

Yet, as cloistered as some communities are, and as isolated as many more people are within themselves, there is still no such thing as independence!

Everyone is interdependent. On a physical level, you have a house because you own it. You either have or had a mortgage, and the only reason you had that is because of the bank that “gave” it to you.

Or, you have a rented house. It’s yours to live in because you pay someone rent. Or you live with someone else. In any case, if you have a house, it’s your house. Yet yours is not the only ego involved here! Someone built your house. Had it not been for the builders, there would be no house.

Whatever exists in your life, comes from somewhere. That “somewhere” is God, Spirit, Source, The Universe, Life itself. In its infinite wisdom and joy, this Energy sees fit to use circumstances, other people, thoughts, feelings, and tangible and intangible things, to manifest your desire.

So whatever you have, is from, and because of, God. That’s why in metaphysics we sometimes call God “First Cause.” Our own thoughts are cause too. They create things with the same creation process as God does. But even behind our thoughts, is the First Cause, the ultimate reality, that is God.

So, the “bad” news is, no matter how self-sufficient you think you are, you will never, ever get there!

And the good news is, no matter how alone you feel, you are never, ever alone!

Source is with you always. God is there, even if you deny it. And no matter what you experience in life, you are never independent. There is always someone, or something working to fulfill your desires. It may be unconscious work on their part, and yours! But it’s God’s universal work–work meaning action. Through the universal, good action of God-Mind, your desires are fulfilled.

The means of fulfillment, the “how”, often comes through other people, events, circumstances, a piece of paper here or there, or a process of some kind.

So you cannot be independent or self-sufficient on this beautiful Earth Day, or on any day!

But what you can be, is gratefully interdependent on your Source, God-Power, and all the other creations (children of God-Light) who live here!

Embrace wholeness as your true nature. Embrace your connection to Earth and all things. Honor your connection to other beings, not just Earth, on this day we set aside to celebrate the divine harmony and order of God-Nature itself.

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