I’m so Tired!: How to Feel Better Fast

Has the fatigue hit you yet? Winter blues maybe? Many people feel down, heavy, tired or listless this time of year, in the Northern hemisphere. And that’s ok!

Yes, I said it’s ok! It’s only “a bad feeling” if you think it is. Now hang in there and let me explain…

First, consider your words. Are you saying, “I am tired?” If so, then start there. Are you truly tired? The truth is that you are not tired. Your being, the Spirit at the center of who you think you are, is never tired. It is, and has, infinite energy! So even though you don’t feel it right now, think about the truth that you are not tired.

If you need to talk about it, which of course adds tired-feeling energy to you (and we all know you want to “be” more tired, right?), then say, “I feel tired.” Put the accent on “feel,” because tired is just a feeling. “Right now I feel tired.” Ok. Fine. You feel tired right now. Accept that. Then stop talking about it and move on.

But move on…to what? To how you want to feel, of course! You want to feel full of energy? Happy? Excited? Pick a feeling you’re familiar with. You know, you felt it long ago, before you felt so tired. Go ahead, pick one!

Maybe you can’t jump right from “I feel tired” to “I feel___.” Guess what? That’s ok too! So choose a feeling just a little bit further in that — direction. The self-talk might go something like this–use your own words though, because it will mean more to you:

“I feel tired.”

“I feel tired right now.”

“I don’t always feel tired…”

“Yes I do, I always feel tired this time of year!”

“But I don’t feel tired —” When? In Spring? Summer? At parties? Remember a time when you don’t feel tired and fill in that blank.

“I don’t feel tired in Spring.”

“I feel invigorated in Spring.”

“I feel full of life.”

“I feel happy.”

“I feel like anything is possible.”

“I feel excited.”

“I feel —” put in the feeling you desire.

See how we moved from “I am tired…” way back there, to “I feel excited right now?”

This is called Socratic Logic. You’ve probably heard of affirmations – positive, present-tense statements of universal truth. But sometimes, when we use affirmations, we’re not in a place where we can actually feel like they’re true. So even though affirmations are great tools, they don’t help us if we can’t feel like they’re true. In fact, they feel so untrue that we have angry feelings instead of positive ones!

We can use Socratic Logic to get to a place where we feel the truth of an affirmation. It may take quite a few steps. (Say it with me…) And that’s ok! The point is to get to a better feeling, and to keep moving forward. In order to move forward, we need to acknowledge where we are right now. And if that’s “I’m tired,” then that’s where we start.

Abraham says it takes only 10 minutes to get to a better-feeling place. All right Abe. Me? Sometimes I’ve counted 10 hours before I truly felt better. But no matter how long in physical, linear time this takes, it’s so worth any effort to finally feel good!

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