11/28/12 Full Moon Celebration

I created this full moon distance ritual for The Order of the White Moon. I will expand on this soon; for now, realize that I choose to study both metaphysics and Goddess spirituality at the same time. For me they are beautiful companions.

In any case, I share this ritual as a demonstration of openness, acceptance and connection to all people, all beliefs, and all nature. If you resonate with this and wish to participate, perform the ritual yourself on November 28, 2012 – the night of the full moon.

Though OWM is mostly women, like-minded men are welcome in my own practice.

It’s fine if you’re unfamiliar with Pagan, Wiccan or other circle castings and closings! Just intend to create a circle, or create a visible one in your space. When finished, say a blessing and open the circle.

Date: 11/28/2012

Intention: Full moon in Gemini, beaver moon and goddess Ceridwen (Celtic Goddess of rebirth)

Before the ritual, spend some time in nature, ideally at night, in the 3 days preceding the full moon. Even outside on a porch or steps is fine; intention to connect with nature and the moon is the most important here.

As you create this time, think of the Beaver moon. So named because it was traditionally the time to set traps before Winter, it is also a time of incubation. What do you want to gestate or incubate? What is germinating now, to bloom or become tangible or visible in Maiden Springtime?

If you’re in Springtime now, what are you planting and cultivating to harvest/finish in Autumn?

Come to the ritual with these things in mind or written down.


Northern Supplies

warm Autumn drink (apple cider, pumpkin spice-flavored coffee, tea or cocoa, etc, something that tastes like Fall to you)

3 candles (1 orange, 1 black, 1 white)

Southern Supplies

Cool fruit drink, milk, or anything that tastes like Spring to you

Candles as above


Prepare drink before ritual. Place on seasonally decorated altar if you have one, along with the candles in holders.

If you like music for meditation, have some on hand.


The differences in this ritual between the Northern and Southern hemisphere are subtle and not truly necessary. The main idea is that in the Southern hemisphere, you’ve already started planting what you will harvest, and can see it because you’re cultivating it already.

In the Northern hemisphere, we’re letting our desires grow, unseen, within the Earth until Spring when they will burst forth as buds do. Sometimes through the Fall and Winter, we need reminders to “keep the faith.” This ritual is one reminder.

Cast circle in whatever way you choose.

Invoke/call goddess Ceridwen with these words:
Lady of the resting night
Whom each crossroad brings delight
Welcome in this circle clear
As in time desires appear!

Gently relax into a light state of meditation, with music as you prefer.

Light orange candle, saying:
By the fire that you keep
Through all growth that comes in sleep
Warm desire in my heart
As in faith I do my part!

Light black candle, saying:
If the way seems dark and bare
Or overwhelm feels like despair,
May I know deep down the truth
That as the wheel turns, next is youth!

Light white candle, saying:
I will see the things I ask
I believe they come to pass
Until then I know their truth
Placing them within your womb!
I give you (name the things that are germinating in Ceridwen’s womb for you now)

Meditate on releasing any attachment you feel to these desires, knowing that all is well.

When you feel ready, bring yourself out of meditation and continue:

Thank you for your presence here
Banishing all doubt and fear
Bringing in the darkness safe
Meant to cradle me in faith!

Drink with gratitude.

Open circle and put out candles safely.


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