Lullaby/Brahms Medley Revisited #Music

Download “Lullaby/Brahms Medley” Double Strung Harp Mp3

I wrote “Lullaby of the Ages” on lyre last year. As I considered purchasing a double strung harp, I kept thinking the piece would be a wonderful demonstration of the effects possible on double strung that cannot be played on a “normal” harp, lyre, or zither with one continuous row of strings. I tested this by playing lyre and zither at the same time, and it was as I thought. You can listen to that

The familiar lullaby composed by Johannes Brahms was another piece I tested in this way. That audio is
if you haven’t already heard the arrangement.

At the end of the series with lyre and zither, I said I would revisit these pieces with the harp. That time is now! So, here are my original, “Lullaby of the Ages,” and the Brahms lullaby played on an honest-to-goodness double strung harp!

I hope you enjoy this medley as much as I love playing and hearing it!

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