Deeper #Writephoto

I’ve gone over the edge more than once. But who among us hasn’t? We all come to a bridge, a cliff, a drop, a precipice sometime–or many times–in our lives. It will happen, guaranteed.

You will reach a point, and another point, where it’s either stay or go, sink or swim, leap into the unknown or stay in your current situation. Stay, that is, until it becomes impossibly intolerable. And there you are again, faced with the same choice.

Do you enter that deep, dark water? Or do you remain on land, supposedly safe, yet unfulfilled?

In all kindness and hopefulness, I hope you jump into that water, even if you’re terrified! And I hope you swim deeper, ever deeper, to the fulfillment of your truest desires and the coming true of your dreams!

My response to Sue Vincent’s
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt: Deeper.

3 thoughts on “Deeper #Writephoto

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