Remember – The Loa Song

I’m reblogging this song I wrote several years ago for the “above, below” theme for
Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS.

Click the original post link to hear the song and read the lyrics.

Mystical Strings

I’ve written hundreds of songs, and during the past 2 years most have been metaphysical/spiritual in nature. But if you only hear one song, I want this to be it. It’s pretty, maybe a little sad in an opening-up kind of way, contemplative and joyful all at the same time.

Remember, also called The LoA Song (for Law of Attraction), is one of only 2 completely acoustic tracks on

Crystal L. Howe: And so It Is, Vol. 1

You’ll understand why, when you listen and feel empowered by its message.

Remember (The LoA Song) Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

Remember to remember
The greatness in you
Remember to remember
Your nature of truth
remember to remember
To radiate love
remember to remember
As below, so above.

1. My thoughts are all one with the in and outside;
I think what is good and create my desire.

2. My feelings are one with the low and…

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