You Are not Alone

Mary Oliver said, “Sometimes the great bones of my life are so heavy.” I really know nothing about her life, only her wonderful poetry. But judging by this quote, she must have known pain, suffering, fatigue, and even simply the common stresses of life in her time. Whichever it was, Mary knew and understood.

Perhaps she put this down on paper for herself, as a catharsis or release. After all, that’s one reason many of us write.

But reaching beyond herself, Mary Oliver’s words are still shared today, reminding us that we are not alone in the pain, suffering, fatigue, and stresses of life we experience.

I am grateful to writers, past and present, who reach out to let us know, in no uncertain terms: You are not alone!

My 129-word response to
dVerse Prosery: Bone Weary,
containing this Mary Oliver quote.

It uses the line, but doesn’t really fit the prompt, which requires a story with beginning, middle, and end.

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