“Come, Ye Shepherds” #Advent #Music

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“Kommet, Ihr Hirten” (“Come, Ye Shepherds”) is a traditional German Christmas carol. However, it is based on an earlier Czech carol, entitled “Nesem vám noviny.” The melody is Bohemian, author unknown. Carl Riedel wrote the German lyrics, and the carol was first published in 1870.

The lyrics urge “Shepherds, men and women” to come to the Nativity scene and see the “lovely child.” They describe the angel’s visit, the shepherds’ walk to the manger, and their adoration of the Lord who has brought “peace on earth, goodwill to all mankind.”

I hope you enjoy this arrangement featuring melody and harmony on Oriole (soprano) and alto recorder respectively, lyre accompaniment, and the German lyrics I learned from a record album about 20 years ago!

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